Sell your special timber to BellusWood

Sell special timber

Do you want to sell special timber? For large wood sales, a better price is paid for the wood. We aim to bundle trees from several different growers into one bigger sale, so you always get the best price for your trees!

Send your information using the form, and we will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Leaving your information does not obligate you to anything.

What is a special timber?

At least the following can be called special timber:

  • Visa birch
  • Warp birch
  • Basal birch
  • Noble woods, for example oak
  • New noble trees, for example rowan
  • Snag, i.e. a conifer tree that is dead, dried up and has lost its bark
  • Pole trees: longer than logs, straight, healthy and debarked material trees
    • The top diameter of the poles is usually at least 17cm.
  • Timber suitable as a raw material for logs

If you are selling timber that is not included in the above list, tell us what timber you are selling and we will contact you. Alternatively, you can also send an open email to ‘’