Our story

A forest is a resource

Forests teach us a lot. In forests, we have countless very beautiful trees, each in their own unique way. Some are beautiful from the outside, some from within. Curly birch is both.

Unfortunately, in forestry, not all trees are created equal. Some trees are not granted the value they deserve.

Also forest politics and trends aimed at the consumers do not  encourage our skilled craftsmen, who are already barely sustaining themselves, even though they are able to refine wood into most exquisite products.

We saw the trees for the forest

Once one orientates themselves with forest and the trees within them, they will soon take notice in not only the shortcomings and hardships of them, but also the enormous possibilities and potential. Even curly birch has traditions reaching back centuries: gorgeous furniture was made out of it to decorate the courts of Central Europe and the one of  tsar of Russia. The tsar of Russia, Alexander the I is even known to have gifted Napoleon himself furniture made of curly birch.

We, who live out of trees and forests, are indeed great engineers, we can craft outstanding products, but the humble people we are, we assume the products will  market themselves. Unfortunately the world today does not work like that. Curly birch still has enormous demand and potential in the world, but the users are simply unable to find the wood, even though we know there is an abudance of it available. Well enough, that producers use it as firewood after not finding a suitable buyer for the wood.

We, the Finnish special wood producers, got tired of wailing the situation and decided to act.

In 2016, we proposed to Finnish curly birch society, that turned 60 years that year, that we should start actively marketing curly birch to the world. This led to a series of intensive brainstorming sessions that laid the foundation to what would later become our “beautiful tree”, BellusWood Ltd.

Our promise

Our brainstorming sessions and negotiations lasted long into the year 2018.

After all the thoughts were shared and all the negotiations were held, we gathered the utmost professional and motivated team around us. As such, we, the 16 enthusiastic foresters in love with trees, founded this shared company, shared beautiful tree on a December evening 1.12.2018 to bring wood producers and buyers together.

BellusWood was born

Since then, this idea by a bunch of foresters has had a warm welcoming and has started making headway. With our constantly farther expanding network, we are able to export special wood stocks to every corner of the world.

1. Professionally

2. Client-drivenly

3. Fairly

This is our promise to ourselves and to you.