Meet our team!

Oskari Koskinen

Email: [email protected]
phone: +358 40 7298597
Since he was a little kid, oskari has been working with curly birch. oskari is a forest engineer who spends his free time in the nature with his hiking and hunting hobbies.

Paavo Pesonen

Sales manager
email: [email protected]
phone: +358 40 0412712
paavo is a nature-loving forestry entrepreneur, who enjoys his time in the nature by fishing or by mountain biking.

Jarkko Karjalainen

email: [email protected]
Phone: +385 44 3287824
Jarkko is a agriculture and forestry entrepreneur with hard as iron expertise. His hobbies include spending time in the nature in its many forms with his four dogs. as if backpacking, hunting and fishing were not enough for this guy, he also spends time renovating an old tavern he owns.

Jouni Järvinen

email: [email protected]
Phone: +358 50 5298299
Jouni is a hardline forest entrepreneur from Hämeenkyrö with over 25 years of experience in the field. Jouni started out by buying 3 hectares of forest from his father in law and has since gathered himself hundreds of hectares of forest land, in which he grows curly birch and other special wood species. Taking care of all the curly birches inviditually, Jouni has grown a personal bond with each one of them. His love for nature also shows in his forests being FSC-certified. He also considers moving to WWF-certification in the future.